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Radiation Oncology

Easy Access to Facility and Physicians

Convenient access to the Radiation Oncology Department is an asset for both Kirkland Cancer Center patients and families. Located inside Jackson-Madison County General Hospital, outpatients can easily enter the department through the Outpatient Registration Entrance or from the reserved parking area in the adjacent covered parking garage.

Whereas many radiation oncology departments are housed in separate facilities, inpatients in this facility who are receiving care on their nursing unit can be easily transported within the same building for radiation treatments. This department also assures "physician access" with a radiation oncologist "on-call" 24 hours a day, seven days a week. (Regular office hours in Radiation Oncology are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.)


Board Certified Radiation Oncologists:

  • Jeffrey J. Kovalic, MD
  • Anastasios L. Georgiou, MD 

Both of our Radiation Oncologists are graduates of the prestigious Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology in St.Louis.

The support staff of the Radiation Oncology Department is comprised of medical physicists, dosimetrist, radiation therapists, nurses, and office personnel, all of whom are well-trained in the needs and protocols for Radiation Oncology patients.


The Department of Radiation Oncology provides specialized services utilizing state-of-the-art equipment. The radiation oncologists, two medical physicists, and a medical dosimetrist devise individualized treatment plans including three-dimensional treatment planning. Treatment "set-up" is performed on two Varian simulators. The following types of treatment delivery are performed on three Varian accelerators.

External Beam Radiation Therapy

  • Electron and photon energies using three Varian linear accelerators and superficial therapy unit.
  • Treatment units for administering radiation to cancers involving such sites as skin, lung, breast, and prostate.

High Dose Brachytherapy

  • Direct internal or external delivery of high dose of radiation.
  • Treatment usually completed on an outpatient basis within a few hours.

Low Dose Brachytherapy

  • Internal treatment for gynecological cancers.
  • Treatment usually completed on an inpatient basis within 48 to 72 hours.

Stereotactic Radiosurgery

  • Latest addition to program of services.
  • Treatment option for benign or malignant brain tumors, arteriovenous malformations, and trigeminal neuralgia.
  • Incorporates both neurosurgeon and radiation oncologist expertise.
  • Three-dimensional treatment planning and modified linear accelerator focus radiation beam within one or two millimeters of lesion.
  • Treatment usually completed in one day.

Multi-Leaf Collumator: This new equipment allows radiation oncology technicians to produce radiation custom blocks used to determine where radiation will be administered.

  • Custom blocks are cut and cast specifically to the shape and location of the tumor.
  • Provides automation for producing the blocks.
  • Beneficial to cancer patients especially for small treatment fields (like the head and neck) that would not be closely shaped with previous designs.
  • Reduction in the amount of radiation that is exposed to non-cancerous tissue.
  • Permits multiple-field treatments. Hundreds of fields can be treated in rapid succession.

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