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Story Synopsis

Thursday, September 22 6 p.m.
Bond's Crossing

Oh the joy to behold at the Cotten Boll Farms. The Colonel Bedford Cotten is taking a new bride, Miss Yancy Jane Alston, and all the family and friends are invited to attend this evenin's engagement extravaganza. Colonel Cotten has been a widower for the past 30 years and he is ready for some "sweet company" and is countin' on a male heir from Yancy Jane. Of course Yancy Jane is excited as she is gettin' ready to marry one of the county's wealthiest bachelors. Her Mama, Augusta Mae Alston, is thrilled with this union. She lost her husband and sons in the war and has been poor as a church mouse ever since. She was quite instrumental in this matchmakin' endeavor. She will make sure this weddin' happens no matter what.

Of course there is the Colonel's daughter, Tallulah Cotten Butler Anderson Abnernathy, or better known as Tally. Her Daddy has spoiled her rotten and she just can't seem to keep a man around for very long. She loves them older and with deep pockets. She hasn't been married more than 2 or 3 years at a time before they start droppin' like flies. Tally is not happy a'tal about this marriage and has persuaded her Aunt Ceelee to help her undermine and stop this ceremony in its tracks. Aunt Cecelia (CeeLee) Montgomery was twin sister to the Colonel's late wife, Georgia Ann. Aunt Ceelee is a spinster and always had a love for the Colonel, but he chose Georgia Ann over her. Ceelee was certain he would have married her to help raise Tally, but he didn't.

Purnell Prescott is all about a weddin', as long as it's not his. He loves the ladies, but won't settle down since he believes himself to be the catch of the county. He has had his eye on Yancy Jane, and not too happy she brushed off his advances after her Mama had spoken to him about a possible marriage to her. He wasn't gonna marry her, but he would have had his fun makin' her believe he would. Purnell knows his age is gettin' the best of him and he might need to reconsider findin' a good woman to take care of him in his golden years.

Sloane Wilkes has been Colonel Cotten's overseer and right hand man for years and years. The Colonel has treated him like family and Sloane is as loyal to him as a dog to a bone. He sees right clearly how Augusta Mae Alston and that daughter of hers has hood-winked his boss and he is not happy. He has always had a crush on Ceelee, but she won't give him the time of day since he is hired help and not the boss man.

Listen closely and pay attention this evenin', cause you are liable to hear things that will scare you to death. Watch your back ... cause you might jus' get a knife in it! (Protected under copyright.)

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