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Turning Point

Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

Turning PointTurning Point is based on the 12-step program and also includes the matrix model. We encourage families of the teens to be involved in treatment through participation in family sessions, visits, and taking your child on passes.

It is a three-six month program and after the child completes treatment, he/she will be expected to participate in at least six months of after-care. Clients are evaluated on a weekly basis in a treatment team. There, they progress through the level system.  

Turning Point provides:

  • Treatment team review throughout program 
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Educational therapy
  • Educational assessment and school
  • Recreation
  • Art


  • A licensed alcohol and drug therapist will conduct group and individual sessions.
  • A master's level professionally licensed teacher will teach school Monday-Friday. The teacher will also work with special education plans, GED students, and other education programs such as Gateway.
  • A recreational therapist will conduct recreation and/or P.E. seven days per week. Clients will also participate in educational groups five days per week. Topics will include communication skills, anger management, self esteem, conflict resolution, and stress management.

Admission criteria:

  • Children or adolescents referred must be between ages 12 and 17.
  • Must have a primary diagnosis of alcohol or drug abuse.
  • Must have had some type of outpatient services before
  • Must have the ability to participate actively in therapeutic sessions.
  • The parent/guardian must be willing to participate in the intake process, family sessions, visitation, and passes for their child.
  • Family members must be willing to comply with treatment planning and interventions.
  • Have a TB skin test.

If a child has a relapse in any way, whether on a pass or while in the facility, they will return to level one and rework the program. A child may start over in the program if they run away or continually cause behavior problems.

Discharge criteria:

  • Child must complete treatment team goals and the five levels of treatment.
  • Child refuses to participate in treatment.
  • Child is unruly, will not follow any directions, and/or is causing behavior problems that interfere with their treatment.
  • Child or adolescent brings a weapon or illegal drugs on Pathways property.

Re-admission criteria:

  • Gone for six months or more.
  • Meet the criteria for admission.


Turning Point is covered under a grant program thus is free to clients. Insurance will be billed for drug tests, however, should the client's insurance not cover the drug test, Pathways will cover that cost.

1-800-587-3854  •  24-Hour Crisis Line: 1-800-372-0693

Funding for this program is provided in part by the Department of Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug Bureau