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Outpatient Programs

Sports Plus Rehab Centers are full-service outpatient clinics that are convenient and easily accessible to the public. All clinics are staffed by licensed personnel who are fully educated to treat you as your physician prescribes. Each clinic provides a full array of physical therapy services. Sports Plus Central also offers speech therapy, occupational therapy, the services of a certified hand specialist, and two certified Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) physical therapists. Specialized treatment programs at Sports Plus Central include those for incontinence and pelvic pain, vestibular rehabilitation and neurological rehabilitation. Sports Plus South has a certified specialist in sports physical therapy on staff.  Sports Plus Rehab Centers sponsors a Sports Medicine Program that provides education and services to area athletes through the school system and in the community at large.

Work Plus Rehab Center is a program designed to rehabilitate injured workers and minimize their time away from work. The Center provides an objective evaluation and treatment program to identify and improve the physical and psychological deficits acquired through on-the-job injuries. The primary goal of the program is to return the injured worker to productive employment as quickly, safely and economically as possible. A unique feature of the program is that it enables the employer, insurance company and physician to get an objective, calculable evaluation of the worker's functional capabilities and limitations before re-entering the work environment. Physical therapy and occupational therapy are also available to individual outpatients. For information about services offered at the Center, click here.

The Kiwanis Center for Child Development includes an early intervention educational program, pediatric therapy services, and child care. The early intervention program serves children ages birth to three who have developmental delays or who are at high risk for delays due to a diagnosed condition. It includes an outreach program in which teachers work with children in their homes, daycares, or other community settings throughout West Tennessee. A center-based program is also an option, and children with developmental delays participate in a classroom environment with typically developing peers. The child care program serves children from ages six weeks until kindergarten age. The Kiwanis Center's therapy program includes physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and aquatic therapy. Pediatric therapy is available to children ages birth through 18. Children are served in our outpatient therapy clinic, local schools, daycares, and homes.

The Kiwanis Center's Early Learning Center, which houses the educational program, is located at 32 Garland Dr., Jackson, TN 38305. For more information, please call 731-668-9070. The Kiwanis Center's Pediatric Therapy Clinic is located at 10 Garland Dr., Jackson, TN 38305. Please call 731-664-3670 for information regarding therapy services.

Medical Center Home Health is licensed to provide quality medical care in the home setting for patients in 17 West Tennessee counties. Rehabilitation services offered by Medical Center Home Health include Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology.

Other services offered include skilled nursing provided by RNs and LPNs, Psychiatric Nurses, Nurse Assistants, and Social Workers. For more information about Medical Center Home Health, call Nancy Guyton at 731-984-2000, or toll-free in West Tennessee at 1-800-748-3025.

Medical Center Medical Products provides medical equipment for patients with a medical need to be used in the home and daily life. For more information, call 731-664-4305, or toll-free in Tennessee at 1-800-464-6284.

A Hand Therapy Program is available at the Sports Plus Rehab Centers, Central in Jackson. Therapy and related services are provided by Lisa Skelley who is certified in hand therapy. Services include wound care, splint fabrication, greenleaf upper extremity evaluation and upper extremity and hand rehabilitation. For more information, or to make an appointment, call Lisa Skelley at 731-421-6950.

An Incontinence and Pelvic Pain Program is available at the Sports Plus Rehab Centers, Central, in Jackson. Specially trained and licensed Physical Therapists provide treatment programs that address these two women's health issues. For more information call Jane David or Meg Neathery at 731-421-6950.

The Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) Program, which is effective in treating more than 60 conditions, is available at the Sports Plus Rehab Centers, Central location. Certified therapists use MLD's safe, effective, and gentle approach to drain excess fluid from the body's tissues. MLD has been proven especially effective in treating persons with Lymphedema. For more information about MLD, call 731-421-6950.

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