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Industrial Services

Work Plus Rehab Center is an outpatient specialty clinic designed to prevent injury and rehabilitate people with work and/or life-limiting conditions. The staff works with many companies and industries to offer a wide variety of rehabilitation programs specifically designed with industry and general life-long pursuits in mind.

Some programs offered specifically to industry are:

Physical Abilities Screening / Pre-work Screening

Post-offer, pre-employment assessments help determine if a prospective employee can physically and safely do the job they are being considered for. These can be standardized or customized based on a job description.

Ergonomic Assessments

Office and industrial evaluations of the work environment are performed by a Work Plus therapist, who is a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist (CEAS). An analysis of the work process in industry can identify problem areas to prevent future injuries and enhance the productivity of the workers. The CEAS can review a person's office or workstation for prevention of repetitive motion problems or pain. A written report of identified problems and recommendations for solutions is included.

Work Hardening

Work Hardening provides a transition between acute rehabilitative care and full or accommodated return to work. Work Plus addresses the issues of:

  • productivity
  • safety
  • body mechanics
  • appropriate worker behaviors (attendance, attitude, and perseverance)

The Work Hardening program uses conditioning activities with real or simulated work tasks. It is designed to be a highly structured, goal oriented, individualized program aimed at maximizing the ability to return to work.

Work Plus Rehab Center offers the only true work hardening facility in the region.



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