BabyFest & Kids Expo

BabyFest & Kids Expo  is a fun, educational event for expectant and new parents, grandparents, and childcare workers and children. It is  designed for them to gain knowledge regarding pregnancy, children's health, infant and toddler safety, parenting skills, resources and the latest products available in the community. It also provides a fun filled environment to educate children and their families of the importance of healthy lifestyle choices.

Presented by West Tennessee Women's Center & Ayers Children's Medical Center at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital, the expo, held at the Jackson Area Fairgrounds Park  includes exhibits, educational seminars, prizes, activities for families and much more.

Teddy Bear Clinic 2015

Ayers Children’s Medical Center held a Teddy Bear Clinic at Babyfest & Kids Expo this year.  Children were encouraged to bring their favorite Teddy Bear or stuffed animal to be the “patient” for the day.  Our goal of the event was to educate and reduce medical fears of the children as they watch their Teddy Bear go through an interactive medical clinic. They started in the triage area where the child could tell the nurses what kind of problem or symptoms their “patient” was having. Then they moved through several medical demonstration stations such as Radiology/XRay looking at and learning about various Xrays and equipment.  Next, a visit to Cardiology & Respiratory helped them to understand about the function of our hearts and lungs and how they work together in our bodies. Then it was off to the Boo Boo Be Gone treatment area where they got to help with injections, applying band aids or bandage wraps and ended with a visit to Pharmacy to learn about safety with medications Their clinic visit ended in fun interactive medical play area where they could play a Life Size Operation game and learn hands on about medical equipment.  There were over 300 children that participated in this year’s clinic.

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