Efficiency/Cost of Care

The "Spending per Hospital Patient with Medicare" measure shows whether Medicare spends more, less or about the same per Medicare patient treated in a specific hospital, compared to how much Medicare spends per patient nationally. 1 = Medicare spends about the same amount at JMCGH as it does nationally. Higher than 1 = Medicare spends more at this hospital than it does nationally. Lower than 1 = Medicare spends less at this hospital than it does nationally.

  National Average Jan 2016 - Dec 2016  JMCGH Hospital Compare Data Jan 2016 - Dec 2016
Medicare Spending per Beneficiary 0.98 1.07

The above data is from the CMS Hospital Compare Website.


The payment measures add up all payments made for care starting the day the patient enters the hospital and continuing for the next 30 days. This can include payments made to the hospital, doctor’s office, skilled nursing facility, hospice, as well as patient co-pays made during this time. Payments can be from Medicare, other health insurers, or the patients themselves. Looking at how payments vary is one way to see differences in how hospitals and other healthcare providers care for patients.

  National Average July 2014 - June 2017 JMCGH Hospital Compare Data July 2014 - June 2017
Payment for heart attack patients $23,745 $23,694
Payment for heart failure patients $16,951 $16,632
Payment for hip/knee replacements $21,953 $24,661
Payment for pneumonia patients $18,616 $17,415

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