Announcement Event

Here are some photos from the celebration and news conference held January 29, 2010 at 10 a.m. to announce the $5 million gift from Alice and Carl Kirkland and the creation of the Kirkland Cancer Center.

Bobby Arnold of West Tennessee Healthcare thanks Carl Kirkland

Carl Kirland (left) is thanked by Bobby Arnold, CEO of West Tennessee Healthcare.

Senator Lowe Finney speaks at Kirkland Cancer Center announcement event

Senator Lowe Finney presents thanks and comments on the community value of the announcement.

Kirklands and staff at the announcement event for the Kirkland Cancer Center

Alice and Carl Kirkland (in center) meet some of the leading staff members of the Kirkland Cancer Center. From left: Renee Anglin, RN, clinical manager of outpatient chemotherapy; Kim Rush, RN, director of chemotherapy; the Kirklands; Gina Myracle, RN, administrative director of the Kirkland Cancer Center.

Radiation Oncologyist Anastasios Georgiou and Carl Kirkland at Cancer Center announcement event

Radiation Oncologist Anastasios Georgiou, MD (left) welcomes Carl Kirkland.

Two faces of the Kirkland Cancer Center —Radiation Oncologist and Kirkland Cancer Center Administrative Director

Dr. Georgiou and Cancer Center Administrative Director Gina Myracle discuss the promising future of the Kirkland Cancer Center.

Kirkland corp. gave a surprise donation for the Kirkland Cancer Center

A surprise $100,000 gift presentation is made from the Kirkland's corporation to the Alice and Carl Kirkland Cancer Center endowment.

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