What People are Saying

At the Kirkland's Cancer Center, we don't do what we do for praise. We want to serve our patients, providing them with care, support and encouragement. Still, we enjoy hearing from you, because your words, in turn, become a source of encouragement for us. We are grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of our patients, and we love to hear from those who gave us the privilege of providing them with care. Read below to learn about the experiences of some of our patients and their families.

I accompanied my 83-year-old mother, a breast cancer survivor, to your Inspirations Boutique for a mastectomy fitting. The ladies there made her feel like her satisfaction was genuinely their goal, offering my mom several selections, each of them offering their opinions but ultimately letting her make her own decision. They focused on what made my mom feel good about herself and not like they were there to just help try to cover a marred body. They seem like a good group of ladies who know their job, who love their job and might I add, have a good time doing it.  - P.P.

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Thank you and the Kirkland Cancer Center for your concern and generosity for holding a Skin Cancer Screening on May 4, 2015. At that screening, Dr. Patrick Teer recommended a biopsy of a "spot" on my temple, which he deemed to be melanoma. Subsequently, I got the biopsy, and it was melanoma. I did have it excised, and the lymph gland examinations were negative. Had it not been for the screening, I have no idea when I would have had the spot examined. So, on that thought, I encourage you to continue holding these screenings!   - John Doty

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