The Kirkland Cancer Center offers state-of-the-art curative treatment with chemotherapy, symptom management and palliative care. The staff is widely experienced in current treatment methods and our patients see their physician and receive chemotherapy treatments in one building. For each patient's convenience, a pharmacy is on-location so that all chemotherapy drugs are available within the unit.

Chemotherapy is the use of anticancer drugs designed to slow or stop the growth of rapidly dividing cancer cells in the body. It may be used as the primary treatment to destroy cancer cells, before another treatment to shrink a tumor, after another treatment to destroy any remaining cancer cells or even to relieve symptoms of advanced cancer.


Patients from age 18 through geriatric ages receive treatment from the Kirkland Cancer Center. Various stages of cancer are treated in this facility — from curative to palliative or "care"ative.


All our registered nurses are chemotherapy certified and trained in the administration of chemotherapy and management of care for oncology patients. The director, clinical manager and the fulltime outpatient registered nurse are Oncology Nursing Society certified. They have the most tenured staff at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital. A high criteria is set for these nurses regarding their continued education.

  • registered oncology nurses who are chemotherapy certified and trained in the administration of chemotherapy and management of care for oncology patients.
  • registered dietitian
  • social worker
  • case manager
  • oncology pharmacist
  • director, clinical manager and full time outpatient registered nurse are Oncology Nursing Society certified.
  • financial counselor is available to assist with enrollment in free medication programs.

Infusion Setting Options

The Kirkland Cancer Center chemotherapy infusion area, located on the second floor, has four private rooms, 21 semi-private treatment areas and two community treatment areas with a total of 12 chairs. Patients may choose to receive their chemotherapy in one of the individualized and inspirational treatment bays, with names such as “Hero,” “Champion” and “Superstar” or choose to socialize in one of our group treatment settings. All bays feature large windows with natural sunlight, providing views of the center’s atrium or healing garden.

With a special emphasis on moments of joy and celebration during patients’ milestones in treatment, patients ring a 24-inch gong on the chemotherapy floor after receiving their last treatment. The entire floor is able to hear the beautiful and majestic vibrations. Kirkland Cancer Center’s theme is victory with the goal of providing hope for every patient to win their battle against cancer.


We are accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations and by the American College of Surgeons. Continuous quality assurance monitoring and medication documentation gives us attention to patient safety.

West Tennessee Healthcare (WTH) does not exclude, deny benefits to, or otherwise discriminate against any person on the grounds of race, color, national origin, age, religion, disability, Limited English Proficiency or sex, including discrimination based on gender identity, sexual orientation, sex stereotyping or pregnancy in admission to, participation in, or receipt of the services and benefits under any of its programs and activities, whether carried out by WTH directly or through a contractor or any other entity with which WTH arranges to carry out its programs and activities.

For further information about this policy, contact Amy Garner (731) 541-9914.