Physical Therapy

Sports Plus Rehab now has a presence at the Kirkland Cancer Center!

Fridays 8a – 5p

Physical therapy is provided to our Kirkland Cancer Center patients by Sports Plus Rehab Centers upon request.

Sports Plus Rehab Centers also provides a physical therapy evaluation for caregivers so they can learn how to transfer patients without causing additional pain. To learn more about Sports Plus Rehab, click here.  

What is the Role of Physical Therapy in Cancer Recovery?

To restore strength, endurance, provide education, and improve your quality of life.

When faced with cancer treatment, physical therapy may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Early cancer treatment has you meeting with oncologists, radiologists, nurses and surgeons. These healthcare providers are essential to the treatment and management of cancer.  However, you should also know that physical therapy plays an important role in your cancer recovery.

Ask yourself.. 

  • Is pain limiting me from doing my usual daily tasks?
  • Am I experiencing Cancer-related fatigue that is causing me some physical limitations?
  • Am I experiencing swelling, fatigue, or heaviness in my arms, legs, or face/neck after lymph nodes were removed or after radiation therapy?
  • Could I benefit from information on safe exercise, physical health, body mechanics/bed mobility, posture, or issues related to my ability to maintain a physically healthy lifestyle?

If you answered yes to any of those questions…Stop by the reception desk for more information or feel free to call 731-855-7984.  Just let them know that you would like to schedule to be seen by our therapist at the Kirkland Cancer Center.

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