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Here’s the skinny on the Splash & Dash…

Q: What all do I get when I sign up for this race?

A: Well, besides having the time of your life, no matter if you sign up for the 5K or the 1 Mile, you will get splashed with all sorts of colored fun – colored powder, confetti, washable paint, silly string and new to 2017 – the COLOR FOAM CANNON!  Basically, when you’re done you will look like a rainbow threw up on you so snap those selfies and show the world your SPLASH!  Plus, if you register before the early registration deadline, you are guaranteed a race shirt or cap (your choice).  Also, at the end of the races, we will have food trucks, games and a confetti cannon dance party!  I know what you are thinking, “WOW, that’s more than I could ever have dreamed!”  Well, at the Therapy & Learning Center we like to make dreams come true!

Q: What ages must register for the race?

A:  Our rule is, unless you are being pushed in a stroller, wagon, or wheelchair you MUST register for the race.  Basically, if you are using your own 2 feet to participate in any way, shape or form you will need to register.  Everyone will get a wristband upon registration. And remember, all the money you are spending goes to you having a great time and goes for a great cause!

Q: Is there a GROUP discount?

A: Yes, new to 2017, we are offering a discount for groups of 10 or more that register all together.  This means that all the participants must be entered at the same time on one transaction (one credit card).  Once the system sees that you have entered the 10th person, it will give you a $5.00 discount off each person’s registration price.  The more the merrier (and the cheaper)! 

Q: Will I be splashed even if I don’t want to?

A:  Well, it’s not called the Splash & Dash for nothing!  You will get gently splashed throughout the race, but if you want less splashing make sure you run in the center of the race path away from the “splashers.” 

Q:  How can I make sure I get the most SPLASH for my buck?

A:  Make sure you run on the outside of the race path where all the volunteers are splashing!  You can also just yell, “Hey man!  SPLASH ME!” that ought to do the trick!

Q: What do I need to wear?

A:  We suggest wearing items that you wouldn't mind getting color on.  Some people like to wear a plain white shirt so you can really see the colors, some where the race shirt, or some wear crazy outfits!  No matter what you want to wear, please be r /> that the color does mostly wash out after the event, but some of it can stain. As with anything, the sooner you wash it the better. No FLIP FLOPS!  Also, wearing protective eye wear – like sunglasses or goggles - is optional if you worry about stuff getting in your eyes.  Our “splashers” are trained to not splash things at your face, but as always we cannot guarantee their aim! 

Q: Is the race timed?

A: Nope, no timer!  Our motto is kind of like the theme song from Dirty Dancing, “Now I’ve, had the TIME of my life…”  That’s the TIME we care about!

Q: Will the 1 Mile Fun Run participants get the same experience as the 5K?

A:  Yes and no.  No matter what you sign up for we can guarantee that you will get plenty splashed!  However, the 5K has a longer route to get splashed plenty more!

Q: What age and ability can participate?

A: Anyone and everyone that wants to have a blast for a great cause!  We want everyone to participate in this experience!  Whether you are using your own 2 feet or letting a wheelchair carry you down the race path – we want ALL ABILITIES!  You can even push a baby in a stroller!  Just remember that any equipment WILL get some color on it so protect it!

Q: It says the race benefits the Therapy & Learning Center - What is the Therapy & Learning Center?

A: We are so glad you asked! The Therapy & Learning Center, formerly known as the Kiwanis Center for Child Development and the Cerebral Palsy Center, joined forces in 2008 to fulfill a mission of helping each individual reach his greatest potential through therapy, learning, and care. We serve over 2,000 individuals from birth to adulthood that have special needs and disabilities through therapy, nursing, day educational and social programs, childcare, home intervention, and therapeutic horseback riding – to name a few! To learn more about our wonderful Center that hundreds of families across West Tennessee call their 2nd home, go to www.therapyandlearning.org. Also, if you want to hear amazing stories of some of our children and adults, read our Mile Marker Miracles stories.

Q: What are Mile Marker Miracles?

A: Our Mile Marker Miracles are the reason why we have this race. These are the journeys of a few of the children and adults we serve. We wanted to let you know their personal story and see their photos so you could put a face to why you are running. They truly are miracles, as many have defied the odds and overcome numerous obstacles! You will see them, as well as big signs for them at each mile marker along the race path. Click here to read more and get inspired – Mile Marker Miracles.

Have more questions that we haven’t answered here?
Email our Race Coordinator at ellen.neely@wth.org and we will be glad to assist you in any way!