Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement

What is TAVR?

Open-heart surgery is usually required to repair or replace narrowed heart valves. For some patients, however, the risk may be too high for open heart surgery. In the past, there was little physicians could do. Today, there is a new and much less invasive procedure available to give those patients a second chance at life. These patients may be candidates for a therapy called transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), which allows Heart Teams to replace a diseased aortic heart valve without open-chest surgery. West Tennessee Heart and Vascular Center performed the first three TAVR procedures in Jackson. Read more

TAVR enables the placement of a balloon-expandable heart valve into the body with a tube-based delivery system called a catheter. Special imaging equipment is used to guide position and placement of the new valve. This tube-based system allows the valve to be inserted through an incision in the leg and into an artery (transfemoral procedure), or through an incision between the ribs and then through the bottom end of the heart called the apex (transapical procedure). With this procedure, surgery is done while the heart continues to beat, so there is no need to stop the patient’s heart and connect them to a heart-lung machine to take over the function of the heart and the patient’s breathing during surgery (cardiopulmonary bypass).

For those who are candidates for TAVR, this procedure can provide treatment that improves and extends the patient’s life.

Are You At Risk?

It can be tempting to simply blame aging for lack of energy, but doing so is dangerous. Lack of energy could signal a heart condition. Symptoms of heart valve disease include shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain, cold sweat and dizziness. If you or a loved one have any symptoms or have a history of heart valve disease in your family, contact your doctor or call us at 1-855-730-8284.

Think One of Your Loved Ones May Benefit from TAVR?

Give them our TAVR Information Sheet so they can learn about the procedure and how it may be a means to extend their life and improve their quality of life.

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