Vascular and Imaging Services

Vascular and Imaging Services by Board-Certified Radiologists

Radiology is an integral part of the West Tennessee Heart & Vascular Center. Vascular surgeons and interventional radiologists are available to dissolve or remove blood clots in the brain. A multidisciplinary team that also includes emergency medicine physicians and neurologists is prepared to evaluate, image and treat patients quickly, and to use “clot-busting” medication when appropriate to optimize stroke recovery.

Quickly finding blockages of the arteries to the legs, kidneys and brain and even aortic aneurysms can many times allow treatment with minimally invasive balloons or stents or other new technologies. With a stent-graft treatment, patients of the WTHVC can go home after just one or two days.

We perform minimally invasive procedures for conditions such as:

Meet the Team

Jackson Radiology Associates is West Tennessee's premier provider of Radiology Imaging and Interventional Services. They offer extensive expertise in General Radiology, Body Imaging, Women's Imaging and Vascular Interventional Radiology coupled with a strong reputation for medical excellence. The physicians of Jackson Radiology Associates are proud to be members of the multidisciplinary Stroke Trauma Team at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital.

As a hospital-based private physician group, JRA provides 24-hour radiology services at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital. They offer digital, filmless imaging performed on exceptional, cutting edge technology systems.

To speak to a JRA Radiologist, please call 731-541-7850.

Diagnostic Interpretive Services

  • Radiologist available for immediate image review in acute patient situations
  • Local physicians you know and trust
  • Same day reads with rapid report turn-around time
  • Secure, HIPPA-compliant encrypted data transmission
  • Images available at hospital for review by consultants (Vascular & Interventional Radiology, Surgery, etc.)
  • Radiologists attentive to acute clinical findings (perforation, pulmonary embolism, etc.) with notification of ordering physician
  • JRA provides subspecialty expertise in a variety of areas including Neuro, Muskuloskeletal, and Vascular & Interventional Radiology
  • JRA provides on-site technologist training, guidance for protocols, and unlimited system support
  • Seven-year offsite data storage

For more information about Diagnostic Interpretive Services, please call 731-541-6174.

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