Pathways Behavioral Health Services

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Pathways Behavioral Health Services is the leading provider in West Tennessee for mental and behavioral health and substance abuse services. Pathways offers both outpatient and inpatient services for those suffering from mental health issues and/or drug and alcohol abuse problems. We have a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals including Social Workers, Counselors, Psychological Examiners, Pharmacists, Family and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, RNs, LPNs, Psychologists and Psychiatrists.  We have a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals.

Our corporate office is located in Jackson, TN.  We also have outpatient offices in six other cities throughout West Tennessee: Brownsville, Dyersburg, Lexington, Milan, Tiptonville and Union City.  Pathways also has 3 Peer Support Centers located in Dyersburg, Jackson and Lexington.

Pathways Behavioral Health Services provides a range of behavioral health and addiction services including:

  • Emergency Services
  • Assessment
  • Treatment
  • Referral
  • Education

These services are provided through:

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Therapy / Counseling
  • Medication Management
  • Case Management
  • Crisis Stabilization Unit
  • Inpatient Psychiatric Unit
  • Peer Support

Whether you are struggling with depression or drug and alcohol addictions, Pathways Behavioral Health Services can help you overcome and recover.

Many programs provided at Pathways are covered by specific State grants.  Let our staff help determine if you meet the eligibility guidelines.

Learn how to access the Patient Portal.  Ask how at your next visit.

No consumer of services within Pathways will be denied any service or discriminated against on grounds of race, color, national origin, age, religion, disability, limited English proficiency or sex, including discrimination based on gender identity, sexual orientation, sex stereotyping or pregnancy.