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Sports Plus Aqua Therapies

Sports Plus Aquatherapies therapists treat patients in the therapeutic environment of the pool. The natural qualities of water provide support, buoyancy, and resistance which make for an ideal therapy environment. The warm therapeutic temperature of Sports Plus Aquatherapies is especially soothing for patients with arthritis, fibromyalgia or low back pain.

Why Water?
Water therapy can make surgery or injury recovery faster and less painful. The physical properties of water makes it a highly desirable medium for treating pain and musculoskeletal injuries. Research show that after surgery, aquatic therapy is less painful than land-based therapy, shortening rehab time.

Sports Plus Aquatherapies services
– Physical therapy (aquatic and land-based)
– Occupational therapy (aquatic and land-based)

Sports Plus Aquatherapies specialties
– Aquatic
– Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)
– Vestibular rehabilitation (vertigo and balance)
– Pediatrics
– Dry needling