Employee Wellness Center

Exercise has many benefits. Proper exercise can increase muscle strength, coordination and balance, is an effective method for relieving stress, and will to lead to overall better health. The Employee Wellness Center located inside Jackson-Madison County General Hospital is open and costs $5 per pay period ($0 if you are a Healthy Heights LIFT member). You must have an ID badge and complete the orientation video and forms to use the Center.

Interested In Membership:

If you’re ready to get started with your exercise program, please watch the orientation video and submit the two forms to Kristi Brown in Security to activate your badge. If you do not have a payment plan in place (other than payroll deduction), please call Emily Garner at 541-6828 to set up.

Fitness Center Participation Agreement

Fitness Center Liability Form



Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab, Lower Level (Entrance near escalators in Dining Area)

***The Employee Wellness Center is for use by only West TN HealthCare employees, Medical Staff, and UT Family Practice Residents. It is not for the use of family, friends, or other non-eligible persons. ***

Contact Emily Garner at 541-6828 for any additional questions or updates


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Wellness Center Reminders:

1.       The Employee Wellness Center is open only when Cardiac/Pulmonary patients are not being treated. The facility will be available for employees on weekdays from 11:30am-12:30pm and 7:00pm-6:00am; it is open around the clock on weekends from 7:00pm on Friday until 6:00am on Monday. Please remember this is still a Patient Care area and be respectful of surroundings.

2.       Please remember that the Employee Wellness Center is available only to employees of WTH, members of our Medical Staff, and the UT Family Practice Residents who have watched the Orientation Video and submitted appropriate paperwork for badge access. Guests, Family, Friends, etc, whether they are employees or not, are not allowed.

3.       Although Environmental Services Staff does an excellent job at keeping the Center spotless, it is everyone’s responsibility to follow safe hygiene practices while using the Center. Cleaning Agents/wipes are available for participants to clean equipment after each use.

4.       The Health of our patients in Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehab, as well as all employees, is very important to us! Prevention is another method for avoiding the spread of Germs; even though athletic clothing is not required, the expectation is that good judgment will be used regarding what is worn during workouts. Please refrain from working out while wearing clothing that is soiled.

5.       Please do not change the speed of ceiling fans for the safety of our patients. These are to remain on Medium speed.

6.       There are towels for use while excising in specified cabinets beside locker rooms, please be courteous and place all towels/laundry in the dirty hampers located in the locker rooms after use.
The Employee Wellness Center, located inside Jackson-Madison County General Hospital is open and coast $10 per pay period (unless you are a Healthy Heights LIFT member-the cost is $0). You must have an ID badge and complete an orientation session to use the Center.