Take our Blood Pressure Challenge and start taking control of your health!

Check. Change. Control. 

We encourage our employees to be in the KNOW when it comes to their health!

We have 16.9% of our employees and their families diagnosed with hypertension.  The question is "how many more are we missing?" 

September 10th-21st

Create an account on www.ccctracker.com/aha and start recording your blood pressure. These recordings can be taken at home, Employee Health, on your floor, and/or anywhere you have access to a blood pressure cuff.

Click here to view how to set-up an account (campaign code: CODE3)

Join Volunteer: healthyheightsWTH to be tracked

Record for 2 weeks.

Email your dashboard to healthy.heights@wth.org by September 26th to be entered into the drawing for a Heart Watch.


This is a challenge to bring awareness.  This is not to diagnose you with hypertension.  If you feel your blood pressure is out of normal range (click here to view ranges), take charge and see your primary doctor.  Together we can Check. Change. Control.


- Healthy Heights

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