About Healthy Heights

Healthy Heights Mission: to provide WTH employees the tools and education needed to improve and sustain a healthy state of well-being so that they can serve our communities with compassionate and exceptional care. 

Healthy Heights is our employee well-being program that encourages our West Tennessee Healthcare employees to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle with educational courses, interactive events, relationships, and incentives. 

Moving from wellness to well-being: the program is designed to give our employees a holistic experience.  The focus is on muliple avenues of well-being:

  • Dis-ease: relentless amounts of stress that physcially affect the body 
  • Social Well-being
  • Financial Well-being
  • Emotional Well-being
  • Physical Well-being
  • Spiritual Well-being 
  • Environmental Well-being
  • Occupational Well-being


Every single one of our employees has the opportunitiy to take advantage of this wonderful benefit that our organization provides! 

Click here to see what your current state of well-being is

Perks of Healthy Heights

2016 Healthy Heights Goal Incentives: $150 will be paid to those Healthy Heights members that reach 1 of the 3 goals set for them.  Payouts will begin in 2017, during your birth month, for meeting the set goals. 

If you are new employee:

 Please call Employee Health (422-7910) within your first 90 days to complete the biometric screening and lab work.  You will then choose your exercise incentive from the options below.  You have the opportunity to change your incentive each year during your birth month.  (the exercise incentive is not required, but highly encouraged)


If you are an existing employee:

On your annual health update (your birth month), you can choose one of the fitness incentives: LIFT Membership or Logging Minutes.  (the fitness incentive is not required, but is highly encouraged) Please make sure that you have your blood work completed during your birth month as well. To schedule your appointment with Employee Health call 422.7910

-If you have had your labs completed within 30 days of going to Employee Health at your PCP or another clinc, please bring those labs to be recorded. 

-Lab vouchers will be given to all employees that do not arrive fasted for their AHU.  These vouchers can be taken to any of the following places for lab draws:

  • Employee Health (open Mon-Fri)
  • Satelite Clinic on D2

-Blood draws must be complete by the employee on or before the 5th of the month following the employee's birth month to be elligible for any past year's incentive and the current year's incentives.  Failure to comply with the lab draw requirements will forfeit all benefits of Healthy Heights to the employee for the current year. 


Click here for Incentives for 2017 Healthy Heights Participants 



Questions please call Johnna Cunha 731.265.1119 or email johnna.cunha@wth.org.