Patient Stories

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber patients had this to say about their experiences:

Linda Butler: "I had venous insufficiency and received hyperbaris treatment for 30 days. It has pleased me because it brought my wound to the surface. The results were gradual. You have to be patient with this. At first you don't want to do it then you become very comfortable. It is like being in the mountains. When I first got here, I was scared and thought my legs were going to be cut off. Now, I feel healthier."

Ruby Turner: "I laid there and slept. I had no problems after my ears quit popping. The staff explained everything and I was fine. I think it helped me. It could not have been better."

Beverly Martin: "I had a diabetic ulcer on the right big toe. Now the sore is smaller. My experience is good. I noticed results right away. Being in the chamber was like being in the bed. Now my wound is smaller."

Joye Mitchell: "My car ran over my leg. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy hashelped. It sped up the healing. The only thing I noticed was my ears popped. My condition has improved."