Aquatherapies Patient Testimonials

Everyone was real kind and nice - very courteous and helped me get stronger and move better.
- C. Blair

Everyone was GREAT - highly recommend.
- C. Chadwick

Everyone was great - will come back if I need to.
- B. Stanfill

Becky went way beyond the call of duty in communicating with the hospital over my indigent care. She was so helpful. Rachel is simply the best. Everyone I met was GREAT! I can walk and bend again with pain.
- J. Duffey

Everyone is great - I can move better and will continue with my exercises!
- D. Tibbs

Amy Sidwell is very knowledgeable, passionate, courteous and kind. She is an outstanding PT.
- D. Egbert

Amy, Gine, Alissa and Brent are the best. Will definitely come back if I need more therapy.
- A. Jones

This is a great facility. Aquatherapies always helps me - physically and emotionally.
- J. Elliott

The therapists were very willing to work with you during therapy. They helped me progress as I could and helped me do the work that I could. They took time needed for other things (treatments) for me. They encouraged me and provided positivity that I would get better. I am very pleased with my progress and I know I will continue to get better.
- R. Harris

I felt really cared for and truly appreciated the friendliness of those on staff. Amy and Alissa were outstanding within and out of the water therapy.
- C. Bryant

As I left my last therapy session, I thought back on coming in the door and barely getting in. As I was leaving from the last session, all I could think is ‘Y’all did a great job for me!’ and I thank each and every one of you (worked with Gina, Alissa, and Rachel). P.S. I ordered and received my exercise bike thanks!
- S. Lovelace

Everybody was wonderful (Gina, Alissa, Brent, Amy).

I was very pleased with my therapist, Amy. She worked so hard in helping me with all parts of my therapy. She is a great therapist. She explained why each session was necessary.
- Barbara F.

All staff members were well trained in their therapy areas and were very warm and caring about the progress of my therapy. I really hated to leave them!
- Clara H.

My comments reflect my experience at Aquatherapy. My P.T. was the best, Alissa Inman. I can't say enough about her concern for patients, her knowledge and professionalism as well as the way she interacts with her patients.
- Ray S.

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