Sports Plus Alamo Patient Testimonials

"I have come so far since the first day I started therapy! It honestly brings tears to my eyes how much my foot has improved! I want to thank Casey, Paula, Tasha, Breanna and Hunter for all of your help over the past couple of months! I cannot put into words how much everything you have done for me, means to me. I will miss seeing you all each week but I promise to visit!" - Chelsea W.

"I enjoyed my therapy, if that is possible." J. Marbury

"Great, professional clinic." - K. Eason

"I enjoyed the love that they show everyone and really give you the help you need." - P. Johnson

"The staff was great." - J. Griffin

"They are friendly and they really care." - J. Welch

"Everyone was nice and helpful and kept me motivated to do my best and then more. I looked forward to seeing everyone, even though I knew pain was involved. I was encouraged to push myself from the comments on how well I was doing. All of you made me feel like family! Thank you!" - L. Rice

"It was a convenient location and it decreased my pain. Excellent overall experience." - C. Lafrain

"The people are very sweet and patient. I'm going to miss everyone." - T. Lane

"I recommend it to people living in the community." - R. Eskew

"They are very nice and have a lot of respect. I am so glad Sports Plus Alamo is here! I don't have to drive to Jackson and I couldn't have asked for better treatment!"

“Casey was very polite and patient with me. She has a good personality” – N. Holton

“Sports Plus Alamo Team, words cannot tell you how much I appreciated all you did to try to help me over the last month. You all were the best! You do a fabulous job and what a joy you each make therapy. Each patient you take care of is definitely blessed by your compassion and expertise. Much Love.” – S.J. Via

“Everyone was very nice and helpful to me with my hip surgery. I appreciated them very much.” – Mary Jane W.

“It was very a very good rehab.” – J. Ingram

“I would return to this clinic if I ever needed therapy again!” – Virginia S.

“I always looked forward to coming to therapy because I could talk to them and they would listen. I just love them.” – P. Stallings

“Wonderful experience. Caring, kind, professional young ladies — always eager to help and answer any and all questions.” – Mandy F.

“I love this facility and its staff. I tell everyone in our community what great work they do and what an asset they are to the community.” – P. Long

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