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Sports Plus Rehab Humboldt

The Area's Premier Physical Therapy Provider


Early or late appointments available on request.

Sports Plus Rehab Humboldt

Physical therapy is often necessary for complete healing after an injury or surgery. Sports Plus Rehab Humboldt, located at Humboldt Medical Center on Chere Carol Road, is Humboldt's premier physical therapy provider.
Sports Plus Humboldt provides outpatient physical therapy for Humboldt residents of all ages — from young athletes recovering from a sports injury to senior citizens recovering from a fall or fighting joint pain. 
When appropriate, our aquatic therapy makes healing a less painful process. Water therapy helps relieve some of the pressure of exercise from joints and help strengthen muscles. Pool therapy also provides a gentler exercise environment for patients fighting high blood pressure and diabetes.
Patients with arthritis find our arthritis exercise class gives them renewed energy and increased movement capabilities.  
We understand that when you see a physical therapist, you're looking for results. Our certified physical therapists are dedicated to working with you to get results. 

"Recently, I went to Sports Plus Humboldt for physical therapy. I was an outpatient for 4 weeks. There I found a terrific atmosphere. Nancy Hunt, the receptionist, was always, always friendly and helpful. J.C. Kelly, PT, was always professional, encouraging, informative, and quietly pleasant. West Tennessee Healthcare is fortunate to have such professionals as employees. I will HIGHLY recommend this location for physical therapy."J.P.E.
Senior Account Executive, Client Solutions
O.C. Tanner