Sports Plus Lexington Patient Testimonials

"It was a very good experience! I feel better! - Carolyn T.

"They are very dedicated at making a difference in your ability to move. Thanks for your patience." - Betty

"Overall great." - M. Henry

"All of the therapists were very helpful and kind." - L. Cox

"They did a great job and were nice." - D. Bland

“Very professional and considerate.” – T Bell

“Awesome care and true concern. Thank you all very much, I was verysatisfied.” – J.Y.
“The patience and care they give each patient is excellent. Exercises are the key.” – M. Holmes

“I enjoyed my physical therapy.” – N.G.

“They did an excellent job! I would come back again.” – J. Johnson

"Therapy was great. The people were fantastic. I left almost 100% (better) — at least 95%. I will finish at home." – Pat K.

“Very pleased. On a rate of 1 to 10, I give a 10!!” – A. McDaniel

"I just wanted to say that everyone at the Lexington facility is great. Nick and Reign are working with me mostly and I could not ask for better sessions. They push me to the limit and I appreciate their care and concern and their dedication to doing the best for me. Thank you all who have helped in my rehab. I love all y’all." – N.Chriss

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