Sports Plus Milan Patient Testimonials

"I have undergone physical therapy numbers of times over the years and the BEST physical therapist I have encountered is Carrie Esch - simply the best in my opinion! Should I require physical therapy again, I would choose Sports Plus Milan!" -
A. Viar

"I was always treated with respect and never like just another patient. The staff was very knowledgeable and could easily answer questions I had. The front desk staff was also very patient and worked around my schedule for my appointments." - Mike H.

"I could not have recovered without the help of the therapists at Sports Plus Milan. Their expertise and encouragement helped me through this rehab process. They made a difference in my attitude and outlook of the future. I will come back to Sports Plus Milan if I ever need physical therapy again." - L. Hardwick

"Everyone is nice and everything is perfect." - E. Jones

"I was very pleased with the overall experience and the results! - R. Dunn

"The entire staff was always friendly and the atmosphere was always light and warm." - Teresa S.

"They are persistent and encouraging." - Cindy B.

"Great staff!" - Linda Y.

“I am glad I did the water therapy. They had concern for me and treated me well.” – D.J.

“Excellent staff. Their thorough explanation of everything helped me to better understand what I needed to do to heal and achieve my goals.” – Karen F.

“I have never been here that I didn’t receive the best care. Ms. Carol, Susan and Brad are great therapists. I know Ms. Carol and her abilities and now Ms. Susan and Brand have earned my trust as well.” – Marc B.

“This facility is a 'well-oiled machine.' Every staff member I encountered showed genuine concern for my well being and comfort. I feel soooo much better!” – Mary B.

“Very professional, knowledgeable staff. Also, a courteous group of therapists. I give praises to them every chance I get.” – M.S.

“Thank you especially to Carrie and Susan. They helped me so much. It feels great to walk normally again!” – R.D.

“I was pleased with everything they did and all was very nice. I would tell anyone to come here if they needed therapy.” – M.T.

“Carol is wonderful, and so is everyone in this office. They are THE BEST.” – Sandra M.

“I am really happy with the services I received. It beats rehab at the other places. They made me want to work as hard as possible but made me laugh while doing this. I have and will continue to refer people here.” – T. Seay

“Sports Plus Milan is the best therapy facility I have ever been to. I am grateful that I got to share my experience with the people there. Brad is a great therapist.” – Zach D.

"I have been so fortunate to have Janna as my therapist! She is superior in every way and has helped me tremendously. Everyone at this facility is topnotch!" - C.L.

"The group there at Sports Plus Milan is 'working miracles.' They have found what my problem was when everyone else could not figure out what in the world was wrong to me. My shoulder pain was almost unbearable and I had suffered for years with it. Visits with Carol Blair there at Milan have almost cured me. She found the issue and it has been my neck from day one. I am so appreciative of all the work she is doing. They are wonderful!" – Allen B.

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