Sports Plus Trenton Patient Testimonials

"Lovely people - I would recommend anyone and everyone to come to this office." - D. Stockstill

"I was very, very satisfied with my results. I feel so much better. I am so glad my doctor suggested PT. It has definitely changed my daily life from pain and unable to do any activities, to being practically free from pain and able to do my daily activities again." - J. Green

"Everyone is very nice and treated me with respect." - J. Glover

"I love all of the staff. They made me feel great and helped keep my kids quiet by giving them coloring paper." - G. Stingley

"Everyone has been extremely good, polite and professional." - C. Goodwin

"It has been a pleasant experience." - P. McKenzie

"Everyone was very nice." - M. Fender

"I enjoyed each therapist. They were friendly, kind and respectful. No better people you could ask for." - C. Johnson

"Karen was great! Her personality made me want to try harder and do my home exercises. I will recommend Sports Plus Trenton to everyone!" - D. Finch

"Karen was extremely helpful and caring along with all of the other people. I was privileged to work with her. Thanks!" - M.C.

“Thank you Miss Felicia for those healing hands. You have an amazing staffhere. I thank each of you for taking care of me. I came in stiff as a board, now I am limp as a dish rag, because of Miss Felicia’s healing hands.”
“Wonderful treatment."
“I would recommend this center to anyone. They have been so good helping me.”
“Treatment was outstanding!” — J. Carson

“Felicia has gone above and beyond to help me and I am very grateful for her help. Everyone at the office was wonderful. Very grateful for West Tennessee Healthcare and their services.”

“I was very satisfied, all were friendly and professional."

“Very, very good program! The staff is GREAT!”

“The people here are so nice and are really good at their job. I would come here anytime I need treatment.”

“I would return here for therapy and recommend it to everyone that needs therapy!”

“The whole staff was very professional, dedicated and helpful."

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