Certified Athletic Trainers

For over 20 years our, Sports Plus Certified Athletic Trainers have been the biggest fans of West Tennessee's young athletes. From sports performance enhancement to sportsmetrics injury prevention, we provide services designed to return athletes to health and improve their game. 

What is a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC)?

Sports Plus Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) are licensed medical professionals whose job is athletic injury prevention, injury treatment, and injury recovery. These professionals can go from dealing with nicks and bruises to responding to concussions, blown knees, heat stroke, and MCL and ACL injuries in the blink of an eye.

What do our Certified Atheltic Trainers do for your athlete?

The role of athletic trainer has drastically changed in recent times with emphasis on preventative injury and sports medicine. The athletic trainers do more than “taping” an ankle before a game or retrieving the water bottles. They teach the athlete how to prevent injuries and to recognize their limits. They dedicate many hours to our students at practice and on the field/courtside. They know each student and their abilities and limitations. The athletic trainer is medically trained to to see signs of injury pain and recognize a condition or injury when it happens to one of their athletes. From a minor sprain to concussions, the athletic trainer will assess the condition on the field to determine if the athlete can return to play.   

Schools that choose Sports Plus athletic trainers to make their athletes safer:

  • Dyer County High School
  • Dyersburg State Community College
  • Gibson County High School
  • Milan High School
  • South Gibson High School
  • Jackson Christian
  • Jackson State Community College
  • Liberty Tech High School
  • Madison Academic High School
  • North Side High School
  • South Side High School
  • Trinity Christian Academy
  • University School of Jackson

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