Our occupational therapist at Sports Plus Milan and LIFT Therapy have been trained by Saebo, Inc., to provide their innovative Saebo Arm Training Program. Saebo, Inc., is a company founded by two occupational therapists who developed a new approach to treating patients who have had a stroke or other neurological impairment.

This program is designed for those people who have limited hand and/or arm function following brain injury.  The Saebo Arm Training Program is based on research that documents our brain’s ability to “re-program” itself. This approach has been shown to be effective even 20 years after injury!

A customized device that is worn on the hand and/or arm allows one to immediately grasp and then release a ball. Through guidance by the therapist, this grasp and release activity will be modified into an exercise program that is completed at home at least twice a day. 

If you have had a stroke or other neurological injury and have lost the use of your arm and/or hand, you might qualify for The Saebo Arm Training Program. Our occupational therapist can screen you to see if you are a candidate for this program. To receive this innovative new treatment, an order for therapy from you healthcare provider is needed. The customized devices are covered by Medicare and some commercial insurance companies. 

The Saebo Arm Training Program is not right for everyone, and the amount of recovery gained can’t be guaranteed. However, as someone who has survived a neurological injury, you know that even the smallest gains can make a big difference in your quality of life.


LIFT Therapy
Sports Plus Milan


Lana Hoke Bio
  • Lana Hoke

  • Sports Plus Milan
  • Occupational Therapist Graduate of University of Central Arkansas 1993 BSOT
  • NDT Trained Therapist
  • Saebo Arm Training Program Certified
  • Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist
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Suzy Smith Bio
  • Suzy Smith

  • OTR/L
  • LIFT Therapy
  • Occupational Therapist Graduate of The University of Tennessee Health Science Center
  • Saebo Arm Training Program Certified
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