Work Plus Patient Testimonials

See What Our Patients Are Saying

"Excellent therapist, Rhea; excellent tech, William and Cody was very personable. They are great people to be around. They made me feel very comfortable and relaxed." - T. Graves

"It was helpful with getting my vision better." - M. Williams

"I liked the therapists and people that work here." - J. Patterson

"I liked all of the friendly help I received."

"Love the place!" - L. Conley

"It helped me." - J. Alexander

"Could not have been any better." - Flash

"I liked everything and everyone here." - C. Potts

"I was  very happy and satisfied. I enjoyed the quality of care I received." - D. Dotson

"Loved the staff!! Everything was great!" - M. Wade

"The therapists explained every step to me and showed me how to do things. It was a pleasant experience. I loved coming here."

"Tiffany is great. I am having a wonderful time here!"

"Shelley Serratt and all of the staff are the best!" - E.F.

“Cody was great in all areas. I was very comfortable around everyone from the time I entered the door. Best wishes to Cody and God Bless each of you.”
“Everyone was awesome. Thank you for pushing me and for always having smiles on your faces.” — C. Morgan
“I appreciate all of your help with my treatment for my injury. It has tremendously helped with the stiffness and the pain.” — Karen F.
“A very good place to receive good care.” — M. D.
“The staff works hard to foster an environment that is both encouragingand fun. Thanks for a great experience!” — M. Taylor

“I like how they taught me how to lift correctly and to not exceed my limits.” — Chris L.
“Cody was very professional and patient. He has a great attitude and concern for your progress! I would highly recommend him for anyone who is seeking therapy!!” — Derek E.

“Thanks Woody!!” — P. Moore
“Thank you for all of your help.” — Nancy F.
“I like the staff’s dedication to your treatment.” — John G.
“Everyone has been nice to me.” — Robert M.
“The staff was enjoyable, especially Cody.” — Paul M.
“Thank you very much!” — Ronald W.
“This is my place of choice.” — Clara P.
“Everyone wanted to help me get back to 100%." — Alisha S.
“Great Job! Thanks!” — Roger S.
“Work Plus Rehab offers a unique service that caters to the needs of the client and ultimately results in an optimal recovery. I really liked the positive atmosphere and competence of the staff.” — M. Taylor
“The best place for therapy. Everyone should go here! Woody was great. Thank you!” — A. H.

“I am really pleased!! But, I hope I do not have to return. I appreciate the orange T-shirt! Go Vols!" — S.T.
“I liked the personal attention and all of my questions being answered. Thanks!” — I.K.
“The staff was very professional and considerate. I enjoyed the hospitality of the clinic.” — M. Clark

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