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Quality PLUS Awards

We want to recognize several people from West TN OB/GYN Clinic with a Quality + Award for greatly exhibiting “Love and Respect” and several of the Guest Excellence Creeds.

In September, the clinic had a pregnant patient who was escorted by her male friend to the clinic. The male friend stayed outside because he wasn’t feeling well. The heat index was over one hundred degrees. Kanya Carr noticed that the man looked really sick. She tried to get him to come inside where it was cool but he refused. He sat down on the walkway. When Mavis Cook went out to also encourage the gentleman to come inside, he began having a seizure. Mavis caught his head before it could hit the concrete and yelled for assistance.

Dr. West, Lindsay Hart, and Marietta Pearson rushed to assist Mavis and Kanya. The gentlemen’s younger sister was with him and she became upset and explained that he had just started having seizures the day before. Lindsay’s soothing nature helped keep the sister calm during all the excitement.

While the others were outside with the gentleman, Lindsay came back inside and moved all the patients in the front waiting room to the back waiting room. She did not want the patients to get upset and she wanted to give the man some privacy.

The others physically picked up the man and brought him inside to the waiting room while he was still unconscious. He began to seize again and the EMT’s were called. Dr. West and Kanya then went to the actual patient the man had arrived with and explained what happened with her friend. They assured her that she would be able to go with him to the hospital. Mavis and Marietta stayed with the man who suffered a total of five seizures before the EMT’s arrived. He regained consciousness before the EMT’s took him away. He was very emotionalbut so grateful to the staff. Although this was a male, the staff took control of the situation without hesitation and provided medical attention, as well as care and support to the sister and patient.

Carol Sweat, RN, Cardiac Rehab

At a recent Directors’ Meeting, Carol Sweat, RN with Cardiac Rehab, was presented a Quality + Award. Carol exemplified the Quality PLUS principle of “Love and Respect,” and the guest excellence creeds: “I listen to my guests–with my ears, my eyes;” “Even if it’s not my job, I will help or find someone who can;” and “I anticipate the needs of my guests.”

Carol had a young patient in the cardiac rehab program who suffered a major heart attack. He was scared and unsure of what to do when he started the program. Initially, he began to exercise and feel better but after going back to work, began having problems. Carol monitors her patients daily and realized he was not progressing very well. She encouraged him to open up and soon learned he was still having pain. Carol made some phone calls and got him worked-in to see his doctor. The patient did have some abnormal findings but was told to continue the rehab program and return to the doctor in a month. When the patient returned to rehab he was scared and emotional. Carol went above and beyond by calling the doctor again and explaining that the patient was emotional and not making progress. She believed he needed to be seen again soon. As a result, his appointment and testing were moved up. The doctor discovered that the patient had an additional blockage and by-pass surgery was required.

One of Carol’s co-workers said, “It was her compassion, dedication, nursing abilities, and persistence that saved this man. This was a wonderful story and needed to be shared.” We couldn’t agree more–thank you, Carol, for all you do to make a difference.

Stephen Clark, Admitting Specialist

At a recent Department Directors’ Meeting, Tina Prescott, VP/CNO presented Stephen Clark, Admitting Specialist with a Quality + Award for exemplifying Guest Excellence Creed 4, “I listen to my Guests – with my ears, my eyes, in fact, with all of my body, except my voice. Even if it’s “Not My Job,” I will HELP or FIND SOMEONE WHO CAN.”

On a late Saturday night, he was called by his supervisor to come in and work the night shift in Admissions to cover for another employee. Stephen had experienced a full day of activities already and was exhausted, yet willingly agreed to come in, knowing it was a real need. Within 15 minutes of his arrival to work, a patient arrived in full labor. He tried to calm the patient, praising her, and telling her she was doing really well with her breathing and telling her ‘not’ to push. Stephen recognized she (and HE!) were not doing well as she lost focus on what he was saying.

He ran two steps to the desk to call the Rapid Response Team since he was alone. As soon as he hung up and turned around, he suddenly had another patient! A newborn was appearing on the scene! Headed for the floor! He ran to the patient(s), and as the old saying goes, actually “caught the baby.”

Stephen continued to stay with them and care for the baby, wiping “HER” off and covering her as much as possible to maintain warmth until help arrived. The whole response team responded wonderfully (including an innocent, lone, visitor who remains anonymous still and no doubt, we will NEVER see her again!).

Most other staff in Admitting would not have been able to respond as well – Stephen had been through a maternal/child rotation in the past year in nursing school. Also, the baby did not arrive at a totally “well baby” and his quick thinking and actions helped make the outcome a positive one.

We all feel it was in God’s plan that Stephen was there that night – the right person, in the right place, at the right time. Thanks, Stephen for going above and beyond!

Jean Arnold, Manager, Physician Billing

At the March 30th Directors’ Meeting, Jeff Blankenship, CFO presented Jean Arnold, the manager in Physician Billing with a Quality + Award. Jean’s director, Jama Phillips nominated Jean for a Quality + award because Jean exemplifies our culture and Quality + Creed (it is called creed in the above writing), “Love and Respect” (“for people” is not added on to the other spots where this is mentioned) and the Quality + Creed, Management Leadership.

Not only is Jean the kind of manager who works to develop and coach her employees to do their best, but she also makes the effort to know her employees. She found out that two staff members were going through difficult financial hardships due to debilitating family health issues. She realized specific needs with these employees & has quietly helped them. Through Jean’s leadership, the department was encouraged to help out as well. They have had fundraisers for the employees & made sure the children had a nice Christmas. Jean did this while maintaining the dignity of the employees involved.

As Jama said, Jean represents our mission by ensuring the job is done but also recognizes as people committed to taking care of others, we have to take care of each other first.

Holly Nichols, RN, C8

Quality + Principle I, Love & Respect for People describes employees being accountable and having an attitude of ownership. Principle V. is Manage with Facts & Data. Holly Nichols, RN on C8 demonstrated both of these principles very well in a recent situation with one of her patients.

A patient was admitted to C8 with Mental Status Change. His family had taken him to the ER after his mood & behavior suddenly and drastically changed. While in the ER, he became better but did complain about his restless leg syndrome. The patient took one of his own Requip pills prescribed for restless legs. His mood changed again about 20-30 minutes later and he became combative. After a while, he settled down and was admitted to C8. While Holly was admitting the patient to the unit, the family told Holly that he had taken the Requip before both episodes of the mental status change and his prescription was filled that day. Holly took the prescription bottle of Requip and researched the pills on a drug website. By entering the color, shape, and code on the pill she found out the drug was not Requip but an antipsychotic drug that looks similar to Requip.

Holly could have just noted the family’s comments but she went the extra mile by taking ownership and researching the medication. Without her diligence and dedication, the patient may have endured unnecessary tests and procedures before the cause of his problem was known. We are so proud to have Holly on our team!