Hybrid Operating Suite

West Tennessee Healthcare Hybrid Operating Suite

The Latest Technology in Operating Suite Capabilities

The state-of-the-art 1,000 square foot hybrid surgical suite combines cutting edge surgical technology with the most sophisticated imaging capabilities. It can be transformed from a minimally invasive surgery setting to a full open-heart surgery operating room in minutes. The hybrid surgical suite allows for a multi-disciplinary approach to surgery so that medical specialties can work together providing safer, quicker and more efficient services.

Hybrid Technologies:

  • Twice the size of a traditional operating room
  • Fully digital system
  • Advanced in suite diagnostics
  • FlexMove, ceiling-mounted system
  • Zone organization
  • Philips Healthcare imaging technology
  • Multiple monitors
  • Multi-disciplinary team approach
  • Rapid transformational process between surgeries

Potential Hybrid Operating Suite Surgeries

  • Vascular procedures
  • TAVR, as transcatheter aortic valve replacement
  • High-risk procedures
  • Robotic procedure

The surgical suite is twice the size of a regular operating room and can accommodate up to 25 medical personnel. The hybrid set-up is designed to save valuable time because the patient’s needs can be met without being moved to a different room for surgery or diagnostic imaging procedures. In high-risk procedures, the large size of the hybrid suite allows for all the specialized personnel that may be needed to be in the room, as well as any necessary equipment.

The interventional lab provides high quality imaging with low x-ray dose levels for patients. The fully digital system enables physicians to capture and view detailed three-dimensional images of a patient’s arteries and vascular structure, facilitating faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

The suite is taller than a regular operating room to accommodate the infrastructure required to support the weight of the equipment, which is mounted on a grid system, mounted on booms with arms that rotate per the doctors request.

The Hybrid Operating Suite utilizes FlexMove, a ceiling-mounted system designed to optimize workflow for its x-ray system and other equipment. With FlexMove, the imaging system can be moved laterally and longitudinally to perform a wide range of procedures without interfering with the care provided by other team members in the room.  FlexMove allows the equipment to be in stand-by position for optimal access to the patient. The x-ray equipment can be moved quickly into place when needed or parked out of the way when not needed. Jackson-Madison County General Hospital has the first and only FlexMove in the state and the first interventional lab in Tennessee with the x-ray dose saving Clarity software, dramatically reducing x-ray exposure to the patients and staff.

The suite is set up in zones so that all the various personnel, including patient care personnel, anesthesia, perfusion and imaging are able to maneuver within the space.  The advance equipment allows the operating team to be more efficient with life saving duties.  The ability to study images, vital signs, doctor’s cameras and attend to the patient offers excellence in operating room control and overall efficiency.

There are over ten monitor screens in the suite, which allow for multiple views of images to be projected throughout the suite as well as for teleconferencing.



The Hybrid Operating Suite is designed for a variety of specialized surgeries including vascular and cardiovascular, as well as robotic procedures and procedures that require advanced imaging which interventional radiologists and cardiologists perform.

Ask your WTH health care specialists for more about the benefits of the Hybrid Operating Suite at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital.

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