OB Hospitalists

The West Tennessee Women’s Center at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital introduces the OB/GYN hospitalist program which allows hospital-based physicians to focus on providing care to patients in the hospital, as well as those arriving in the OB-Ed Triage or Labor and Delivery department.  To support this program, JMCGH is working with Ob Hospitalist Group (OBHG), the largest dedicated OB/GYN hospitalist provider.  This company agrees with our desire to make certain that every expectant mother is afforded the basic privilege of consistently and unconditionally seeing a physician when presenting to the Labor and Delivery Department. 

Program Advantages to you…the Patient:

  • OB/GYN hospitalists are available on-site 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. Meet our OB Hospitalists
  • If your physician is not available, the OB/GYN hospitalist can examine and evaluate the progress of your labor.  They are available to review test results and fetal heart tracings.  The OB/GYN hospitalist can provide you and your baby a safe delivery.
  • If an emergency occurs, the OB/GYN hospitalist is ready and available to respond.

Highly Skilled

  • If your personal physician is unavailable, please know that the OB/GYN hospitalist can provide their medical expertise and optimal care, as well as answer any questions that you or a family member may have. 
  • They are highly skilled in a variety of different delivery methods.
  • Our OB/GYN hospitalists are required to maintain high levels of clinical performance and professional standards.  In addition to being board certified in OB/GYN, they are required to have additional, more specialized training.


  • OB/GYN hospitalists will be familiar with every key player in the hospital regarding your care.  These may include medical and surgical consultants, discharge planners, social workers, clergy, and others.

We all want the best care for you and your baby.  Your physician will make sure the OB/GYN hospitalist has access to your medical record and birth plan.  If the OB/GYN hospitalist cares for you in your physician’s absence, we will make sure that a report is sent to them.  Everyone at JMCGH, including your nurses, physician, and the OBHG hospitalist team has your safety and the baby’s health as their most important priority.

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