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Caught At Our Best – Brent Blankenship and Kristie Robertson

July 29, 2020


A patient recently wrote to tell us:

I recently had a CT Scan at the West Tennessee Imaging Center.  I would be remiss if I did not comment on the outstanding service and assistance I received.  As an 87-year-old man on a walker, I was greeted by Brent Blankenship.  He had a wheelchair because he could tell that I was having some difficulty walking.  He took me directly to the bathroom where I needed to go and was most patient and understanding with my situation. Kristie Robertson took me to have the CT Scan.  She was more than patient with this senior citizen.  At every step of the process, she was extremely helpful and made me feel that I was no problem.  When Kristie took me in a wheelchair to my vehicle, it was discovered that an SUV had literally blocked my driver’s side door and I could not enter my vehicle.  Somehow, Kristie squeezed into the car, backed it out, and pulled it to the entrance for me to enter my vehicle.  THAT IS SERVICE!  Please give both Brent and Kristie my sincere appreciation!