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CAUGHT At Our Best – Erin Spann

October 19, 2020
Erin Spann,
Jackson-Madison County General Hospital


The son of a patient recently wrote to tell us what a difference nurse Erin Spann made in his mother’s life during her stay at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital.  His mother had lost her husband of over 60 years just a week before she was admitted to the hospital.  She was still grieving her loss, and becoming sicker by the minute when it became clear that hospitalization was the only option. Her children drove their mother to Jackson General.  Because visitors were not being permitted due to the pandemic, they had to leave their grieving and sick mother in the hands of caregivers.

Erin was the patient’s first nurse.  According to Erin, the patient “was so very scared. I kept reassuring her that we would make it through this, and that I would be there with her.  I kept a close eye on her, listened to her concerns and fears, and continued to reassure her while she was in my care.”

The patient’s son told us that, “Our mother was very sick, very scared and actively grieving my dad when we left her at Jackson General.  Thankfully, Erin was her nurse.  Erin listened to Mom, felt compassion toward her and took really great care of her.    Several times Mom felt that Erin recognized symptoms that needed immediate medical attention and she acted on them.  Mom felt that Erin saved her life several times. Erin is not only an excellent nurse, she is a caring person who took great care of my Mom when the family couldn’t be there with her.  She is to be commended for her hard work.”