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Caught At Our Best – Kim Parker

July 29, 2020

Recently a gentleman came to the Emergency Department at Bolivar General Hospital.  He was in withdrawal from an opioid addiction and needed to be placed in a recovery program.  When it was discovered that Pathways in Jackson did not currently have any openings for inpatients, providers at Bolivar General started looking at options to help this man.  It was decided that the patient could stay and receive care at Bolivar General overnight if two things could be arranged: obtaining medication that the patient needed, and a Pathways physician to manage his care.

Once a physician agreed to consult on the case, Kim Parker, Inpatient Services Director at Pathways, worked with our Administrator to determine if telemedicine could be set up to connect our physician and the consultant at Pathways.  They found that telemedicine would work, but iPads would be needed at Bolivar General.

Kim gathered iPads and the supplies the patient would need, then headed to Bolivar. It was about 8 pm when Kim arrived at Bolivar General.  Even though it had already been a long day, Kim took the time to explain to staff how to use the iPads for telemedicine.  She also inserviced staff about the supplies the patient would need through the night.  Once she was confident that staff had a good understanding of the iPads, telemedicine process, and patient supplies, Kim left for Jackson and her home.  We appreciate Kim for the many extra hours she spent putting the patient’s needs first!