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Cheyanne Dunivan – Hearts Afire!

March 20, 2020



A call came to the Cardiac Cath Lab.  A patient was refusing to have the
cardiac catheterization his doctor had ordered because he didn’t fully
understand the reason it was necessary, even though it had been
explained to him several times.  Cheyanne Dunivan, the weekend Team
Leader in the Cath Lab, made a trip to the patient’s room to see if she could
When she arrived, Cheyanne found that the patient was a prisoner, and
was very upset for more than one reason.  She started with the first reason
– the catheterization.  Cheyanne patiently explained that the man had
received CPR before coming to the hospital, and that his lab results
indicated he could have had a heart attack.  She then explained the only
way the doctors could see if he had any blockages was to have the
catheterization.  The patient seemed at ease with that explanation and
agreed to have the procedure.
He was also upset because his clothes – including one boot – were
missing.  It was unclear if the clothing had come with him when he was
transported to the hospital.  Regardless, Cheyanne assured the patient that
she would start a multi-department search for his clothes and other boot, which she did.  In the meantime, she found
scrubs for him to wear when it came time for him to leave the hospital.  He was still concerned about his boot, so
Cheyanne promised him that she would not let him leave the hospital without some type of shoes.
Cheyanne spent a good deal of time with the patient that day.  As he prepared for his procedure, he was moved from
room to room, and Cheyanne moved with him and helped in any way regulations allowed.  She listened as he talked
about his life before he was incarcerated.  She respectfully listened to him as a person, not a prisoner.  When it was time
for him to be discharged, the search for his clothes and boot was ongoing. As she gathered up the clothes she had found
for him, she slipped off her own shoes which she knew would fit the patient, and put them in the bottom of his belongings
bag where he would discover them later.  Cheyanne kept her promise that he would leave the hospital wearing shoes.
When asked what motivated her to give away her own shoes, Cheyanne said, “I hope that someone would do the same
for me, or for my kids, if we were in need.  We don’t know the stories of all of our patients, but they all deserve human
kindness.”  Thank you, Cheyanne, for not only providing this patient clothing and shoes, but dignity and respect. Some
people give the shirt off their back – you, the shoes off your feet.