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Hearts Afire! – Dr. Franz and Dr. Georgiou

September 03, 2020


     Gregory B. Franz, MD                                                    Anastasios L. Georgiou, MD
Kirkland Cancer Center                                                      Kirkland Cancer Center



His patient’s test results were back.  Chemo treatments were not working, and there was no other viable option to fight her cancer.  Instead of having the patient come up to his office, Dr. Gregory Franz went down to the chemotherapy room where she was awaiting news.  Unfortunately, the news he had to deliver was going to be very hard for her to hear.  Dr. Franz stood beside his patient’s chair, with his hand on her shoulder, as he quietly and compassionately explained the situation to her, and helped her understand where they were in her cancer journey. When his patient started to ask questions, Dr. Franz took her hand and held it until she had all of her answers.

The patient held out hope that if chemotherapy couldn’t help her, maybe radiation could.  Like so many brave cancer patients, she wanted to continue to fight this disease that was slowly taking her life.  Radiation had been evaluated at the beginning of her treatment and was determined not to be an option for her.  However, Dr. Franz decided to re-consult Dr. Anastasios Georgiou, Radiation Oncologist, regarding his patient’s case.  Dr. Franz informed Dr. Georgiou about the patient’s request to reconsider radiation, and asked if he might be available to meet with the patient while she was at the cancer center that day.  Dr. Georgiou, who was on a day off, readily agreed to come in and meet with the patient.  As a specialist in radiation, he wanted to personally sit down with the patient and help her understand the reasons that radiation would not be effective in treating her specific cancer.

That day, the patient faced one of the most difficult days of her life.  She heard news that no one wants, or really expects, to hear.  Throughout that day, Dr. Franz and Dr. Georgiou provided her with unending support, comfort and compassion.  Through their actions, she knew that they cared about her, and would stand with her as she moved to the last stage of her journey.