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Heather Jones – Caught At Our Best

March 20, 2020

Heather Jones, Radiology Tech III
Nuclear Medicine
West Tennessee Healthcare

A Patient Recently Wrote To Tell Us:

“I just got home from a wonderful outpatient experience at North Hospital.  I came in for a hida scan this morning for my
gallbladder.  Heather Jones performed the scan and was the sweetest, kindest and most compassionate healthcare
employee I’ve EVER had – and I’ve had a lot!  She did an amazing job!

I arrived for my scan in somewhat of a bad mood.  I didn’t have food, coffee or anything else, and was not feeling well.
But Heather was so caring and sensitive to my needs that it was actually a wonderful experience.  She told me everything
to expect every step of the way.  Heather gave me loads of information and kept asking if I was comfortable, warm
enough and feeling okay.  She was so considerate of me that it changed my whole outlook about my day!  I left feeling
great because Heather made me feel like a person, not just a patient.  I just had to let you know that Heather is an
amazing caregiver, and makes her patients’ days better.  She certainly did mine!”

We asked Heather what motivated her to go the extra mile for her patients.  She told us, “I feel that we really have two
jobs in healthcare.  One is to provide the care that’s needed, and the other is to make sure we treat the patient like a
person.  That we take time to talk with them, explain everything we’re going to do and make sure we meet any needs they
have.” Great job, Heather!