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We Talk Health Ep. 115 – Having Shoulder Pain?

February 01, 2022

On this episode of We Talk Health, Bryan Thorne, Andy Akin, and Cathy Sudbury join Will Kwasigroh in a conversation all about shoulder pain. People don’t realize just how complex the shoulder is, and how debilitating a shoulder injury can be. Bryan and Andy are both Physical Therapists at LIFT Therapy and have years of experience between them when it comes to treating patients. If you’re having shoulder issues, or any pain for that matter, give LIFT Therapy a call and schedule an appointment! Bryan and Andy can treat anyone who is suffering from pain, and love to see patients before their pain becomes unbearable.

If you’re interested in checking out LIFT Therapy or making an appointment, give LIFT Therapy a call at 731-421-6950, and check out their website at


Will Kwasigroh
Social Media Coordinator

Cathy Sudbury,
Marketing Manager

Bryan Thorne, PT, COMT
Physical Therapist,
Program Manager of LIFT Therapy

Andy Akin, PT, COMT