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We Talk Health Ep. 38 – The Role of an Athletic Trainer

September 08, 2020


On this episode of We Talk Health, Will Kwasigroh and Cathy Sudbury interview Travis Livingston and Georgia Hopkins, both of which are Certified Athletic Trainers for Sports Plus. If you’ve ever gone to any local high school or middle school game, then odds are, you’ve seen an athletic trainer on the sidelines, ready to jump in just in case there’s an injury during play. The Athletic Trainers have been trained to handle any medical needs that an athlete may have. In a way, the athletic trainers become part of the coaching staff at their schools, and they want nothing but the best for your child. Tune in to find out what it’s like being on the sidelines and how these athletic trainers are able to take care of your son or daughter if they become injured while playing sports.


Will Kwasigroh
Social Media Coordinator

Cathy Sudbury
Marketing Manager

Georgia Hopkins

Travis Livingston