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We Talk Health Ep. 78 – Giving Birth During a Pandemic

May 20, 2021

On this episode of We Talk Health, Will Kwasigroh interviews Dr. Chris Welsch about giving birth in the hospital during Covid-19. Covid-19 numbers are steadily going down as 2021 continues to press on, but expecting mothers could still be nervous about giving birth in the hospital during a pandemic. Dr. Weslch does an amazing job explaining the precautions and steps being taken to ensure that you and your baby stay safe during the entire birth process. Tune in to learn more!


*This podcast was recorded on March 18th. Vaccination recommendations have changed since the initial recording date, so check with your primary care provider on current guidance surrounding COVID-19 protocols.



Will Kwasigroh
Social Media Coordinator

Dr. Christopher Welsch
Chair of Education Committee JMCGH