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When your heart is beating normally, you probably pay little attention to it. But when it’s not, a team of electrophysiology specialists at West Tennessee Healthcare can help.

Specialized Care for an Abnormal Heartbeat

After years of your heart beating, you’re probably accustomed to its steady cadence. When a heart is functioning optimally, it beats at regular intervals. But sometimes, the heart’s rhythms get out of whack. When this happens, it’s called an arrhythmia, a term meaning an “uneven heartbeat.”

West Tennessee’s First Choice for Electrophysiology

If you or a loved one experiences an arrhythmia, such as a tachycardia or a bradycardia, a specialized team of providers in the field of electrophysiology can help identify the source of the problem and determine the best strategy for treating it.

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Heart Rhythm Clinic

The Heart Rhythm Clinic is an experienced leader in the area of electrophysiology.

Disease and Tests

Our staff specializes in diagnosing and treating irregular heartbeats, as well as implanting cardiac devices.


Our clinic works with patients to provide the best outcomes and return to a healthy quality of life.

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