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We Talk Health Ep. 158 – All Things Mental Health Featuring Childhood & Parenting

June 08, 2023


On this episode of We Talk Health, Donald Jordan, Kim Barber and Lindsey Wambles with Pathways are in studio to discuss all things mental health and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy.

What’s new in the Pathways department? What is play therapy? How can you get in touch with our new Psychiatry & Counseling office? All of these questions and more are answered.

To request an appointment, call our Psychiatry & Counseling office at 731-265-6450.

Donald Jordan
Clinical Program Manager

Kim Barber
Mental Health Clinician

Lindsey Wambles
Mental Health Clinician

Kara Mobley
Social Media Coordinator



Locations: Select “Behavioral Health Centers”

NEW Psychiatry & Counseling Office
1270 Union University Dr. (same building as our primary care office)
Phone #: 731-265-6450

Links to Flyers:

  1. Maternal Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health
  2. Parent-Child Interaction Therapy Information
  3. 8 Tips for Healthy Perinatal