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We Talk Health Ep. 36 – Is Dizziness A Permanent Thing?

August 25, 2020

On this episode of We Talk Health, we travel to the Dizziness and Balance clinic at  Work Plus Rehab Center in Jackson, TN to talk all about dizziness. Will Kwasigroh, Dr. Jane David, Cody Stovall, and Cathy Sudbury discuss facts about dizziness.  Dizziness is not a well-understood topic, and Dr. David and Cody want to help educate the public on the services that Work Plus is able to offer. Did you know that being dizzy doesn’t have to be a permanent thing, no matter how long you’ve been experiencing it? PTs and OTs at Work Plus are trained to help treat dizziness, and they want to help you.

If you’re having any issues with dizziness, give Work Plus Rehab Center a call at (731)984-7640, or check out their website:

Will Kwasigroh,
Social Media Coordinator

Cathy Sudbury,
Marketing Manager

Dr. Jane David

Cody Stovall