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We Talk Health Ep. 51 – Options for Contraception

December 01, 2020


On this episode of We Talk Health, Lori Smith travels to WTMG GYN Specialists to interview Dr. Don Wilson, Amy White, and Dr. Jeff Ball about contraception. There are several different options for women to choose from, and they discuss the benefits of each option, how effective they are, and what sort of side effects you can expect from them. The best course of action in determining the kind of contraception that works best for you is having an open and honest conversation with your provider.  Tune in to find out more.

If you have questions about contraception, give WTMG GYN Specialists a call at(731)660-3344, or visit their website at


Lori Smith, Marketing Manager

Dr. Don Wilson

Dr. Jeff Ball

Amy White, WHNP