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West Tennessee Healthcare & Le Bonheur Pediatric Collaboration

June 29, 2021

Pediatric Collaboration

West Tennessee Healthcare and Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital have announced a new collaboration to provide specialized pediatric care to the children of West Tennessee. A resolution approving the collaboration was approved by the West Tennessee Healthcare board at their meeting on June 29, 2021.

The two organizations will work together in their shared mission of improving the health status of West Tennessee children by enhancing access to expert pediatric care and developing more comprehensive pediatric specialty programs. This will allow West Tennessee children from an 18-county radius to stay closer to home, while receiving the highest level of care. 

Children of West Tennessee are our priority. West Tennessee Healthcare has served children of this region well, and Le Bonheur wants to collaborate with West Tennessee Healthcare to build on that care to offer services that will most help West Tennessee children.

Care in Jackson 

For many years, Jackson‐Madison has been there for West Tennessee kids and will continue to be. We’re focused on making sure that the transition into a collaboration between Le Bonheur and West Tennessee Healthcare is seamless and will provide more pediatric specialty services in West Tennessee. Kids in this community are our top priority.

We want the pediatric team at Jackson‐Madison General Hospital to continue to work in Jackson and be part of this collaboration. We know that the Le Bonheur and West Tennessee staff are the heart of all we do, and we look forward to bringing these two groups together.

Our primary goal is to provide expert care for West Tennessee children close to home. When more complex care is needed in Memphis, together we can provide a higher level of coordination among our teams.


In July, the two organizations will ask the State of Tennessee for approval to develop a pediatric hospital-within-a-hospital licensed to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital inside Jackson-Madison County Hospital. The pediatric unit will be the first of its kind in West Tennessee and is proposed to be staffed by pediatric experts from Le Bonheur and West Tennessee Healthcare.

Now that we’ve agreed to work together for West Tennessee kids, we’ll start determining specifics on timing and obtaining the appropriate state approvals. We’ll let you know more as soon as plans are developed.

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