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Nivedita Prasanna, M.D. 2024 Doctor of the Year

We are very proud to announce that Nivedita Prasanna, M.D. has received the 2024 Doctor of the Year Award on behalf of the employees at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital. This prestigious award was presented by Deann Thelen, CEO of Jackson-Madison County General Hospital during the Full Medical Staff Meeting last night. Because of this honor, Dr. Prasanna will be recognized in various ways. She was presented with an award plaque and certificate. In addition, her name will be placed on a bronzed nameplate and added to the Doctor of the Year bronzed wall plaque in our hospital’s Hall of Honor, as well as a framed picture and plaque that will be hung nearby. Please congratulate Dr. Prasanna when you see her!

Nivedita Prasanna, M.D and Deann Thelen, JMCGH CEO
The Doctor of the Year Award affirms our Journey to Excellence principles and honors physicians who exhibit these characteristics. The nominations were judged on the following criteria:
·         Integrity and professionalism
·         Good conflict management skills
·         Willingness to go beyond the scope of duty
·         Attitude of respect for other healthcare professionals
Here are some of the comments made concerning this worthy physician:
“Dr. Prasanna’s number one priority is truly to give the highest level of care to her patients. Dr. Prasanna’s compassion, kind-heartedness, and ability to assist the entire patient/family unit, at such trying times, is beyond reproach. She is always empathetic and respectful of cultural, spiritual, and religious backgrounds. Her care and demeanor comforts families during the stressful times of a hospital stay and even helps them feel more at ease in regards to their loved ones care. Caring for patients and families is truly a calling and where Dr. Prasanna shines and excels in our organization!”  
“Dr. Prasanna is an amazing and outstanding physician who has demonstrated great skill with her critical care patient management. She is an amazing role model and mentor to her colleagues and residents and is extremely efficient in her teaching to those who are eager to learn. Dr. Prasanna uses evidence-based data for her patient care decisions and always stays abreast of the latest recommendations. Her bedside manner and family interactions are unmatched. The staff light up when she arrives for rounds because of her delightful personality and her straight-forward patient care decisions. She is a delight to work with and is an incredible asset to this organization.”
“Dr. Prasanna is respectful to all of the staff. She goes out of her way to learn each and every staff member’s name and call them by name with every interaction. She has a way of truly listening and understanding and making you fell heard and respected. She takes into consideration your thoughts on each matter with the patient and family’s needs. She has a good voice of reasoning in resolving conflict and respects all around her in every situation. She shows the utmost of excellence in caring for her patients. When you have a really sick patient, just knowing she is there brings so much trust in knowing that patient is in the best hands.”
“I worked with a family of a registered organ donor, and while in the process of losing a loved one they took the time to tell me the impact that Dr. Prasanna had by simply being kind and making them feel like at that moment they were the most important thing to her. They asked me if she always treats family members that way and my simple answer was yes, everyone and every time!”