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Nurse Residency Program

Nurse Residents
Welcome to the nurse residents program at West Tennessee Healthcare.
Here is some quick information about the program:

  • The Nurse Residents Program is designed to support you as a new nurse in gaining confidence and skill as you transition into your career as a professional nurse at West Tennessee Healthcare
  • The Nurse Residency Program is 6 months in length. We offer 3 cohorts a year: January, June, and September
  • The program is an intense orientation giving nurse residents the ability to focus on areas that match their interests and career goals
  • The curriculum addresses topics such as evidence-based nursing, leadership, patient outcomes, critical thinking, stress management, nursing professional development, and more

ANCCThis accreditation seal sets the global standard for residency programs that transitions registered nurses into new practice settings.

To be considered for the Nurse Residency Program, graduates must…

  • Have graduated from an accredited school of nursing
  • Be applying for the first formal work experience as a registered nurse
  • Complete the West Tennessee Healthcare online application
  • Submit a current resume outlining relevant clinical and work experience
  • Attach a cover letter stating short-term and long-term goals for nursing career, reasons for interest in the Nursing Residency Program, and reasons for interest in working at West Tennessee Healthcare
  • You may start in a Graduate Nurse role. However, once your ATT is received, NCLEX should be scheduled as soon as possible
  • Basic Life Support certification must be from the American Heart Association and current preferable three months post-graduation

Applicants will be contacted with interview details, date, and time.

What to bring to your interview:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Two letters of recommendation, one professional and one personal
  • Current BLS card

Program Information

Nurse residents are oriented to WTH and gain experience in multiple departments and hospitals during the 2 month rotation period of the Nurse Residency Program, below is a sample of the residency schedule.

  • Weeks 1-9: Will be a mixture of classroom and departmental/hospital rotations
  • Week 9: Home Unit Placement Interviews
  • Weeks 10-17: Unit Specific orientation
  • Continued follow ups and Mentorship from Nurse Resident Coordinators, along with required educational classes and points of contact to total a 6 Month Program

Due to the structure of the Nurse Residents Program, certain classes are required before advancement into another class or to certain units. Therefore, nurse residents must be committed to being present for each stage of the residency. Upon acceptance to the program, nurse residents are employees of West Tennessee Healthcare and are expected to meet the requirements of any other employee regarding compliance to attendance, performance, policies, and procedures.

Nurse Residents are expected to…

  • Commit to a full-time work schedule (36-48 hours per week)
  • Attend all core classes and complete assignments within established timeframes
  • Develop and utilize mentoring relationships that promote professional development
  • Actively participate in general and specific learning experiences
  • Demonstrate safe patient care behaviors and effective decision-making

West Tennessee Healthcare is making a significant investment in your education and competency as a new nurse. In exchange, you are expected to become a part of our care team who is engaged, committed to patient safety and patient satisfaction. A 24-month contract will be required for this reason. This contract will be between the nurse resident and West Tennessee Healthcare. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the nurse recruitment staff in Human Resources at 731-265-1120.