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Demareo Webb, D.O., 2023 Doctor of the Year

We are very proud to announce that Demareo Webb, D.O. has received the 2023 Doctor of the Year Award on behalf of the employees at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital. This prestigious award was presented by Deann Thelen, CEO of Jackson-Madison County General Hospital during the Full Medical Staff Meeting last night. Because of this honor, Dr. Webb will be recognized in various ways. He was presented with an award plaque and award certificate. In addition, his name will be placed on a bronzed nameplate and added to the Doctor of the Year bronzed wall plaque in our hospital’s Hall of Honor, as well as a framed picture and plaque that will be hung nearby. Please congratulate Dr. Webb when you see him!

Demareo Webb, DO, and Deann Thelen, JMCGH CEO

The Doctor of the Year Award affirms Customer Excellence principles and honors physicians who exhibit these characteristics. The nominations were judged on the following criteria:

  • Integrity and professionalism
  • Good conflict management skills
  • Willingness to go beyond the scope of duty
  • Attitude of respect for other healthcare professionals

Here are some of the comments made concerning this worthy physician:

“Dr. Webb has such care and devotion for each of his patients. He treats each patient and their family like his own. He is an example of the doctor we all want to take care of us or our family. He has a soothing disposition that he is such an enjoyment to work with on a daily basis. He has encountered several complex patients and has handled the situations with amazing professionalism and compassion. You can see the respect he has earned from his co-workers as a lead hospitalist within his group. Dr. Webb is a joy to encounter in your daily workday. He brings a smile to your face with his demeanor and compassion of care for patients and others. He is a blessing to our WTH family.”

“Dr. Webb is always kind, caring, and professional. He is an amazing team leader for the hospitalist group. He willingly cares for all patients and families, even the complex cases. His tone of voice in the room will put you at ease. His dedication to his calling as a physician truly shines bright. Thank you Dr. Webb for bringing joy to the room.”

“Dr. Webb is always pleasant to work with and truly wants to see WTH be the best it can be. He is proactive in committees and has ideas on how to improve the way our hospital operates and treats patients. Dr. Webb is a great asset to WTH.”

“While my unit was still COVID, I was rounding on a patient that belonged to Dr. Webb. He did his assessment with her and as he was walking out of the room he asked if there was anything else he could do for her. The patient was scared out of her mind, and she told Dr. Webb the only thing he could do for her was to pray. Dr. Webb stopped in his tracks and turned around and sat on the couch, held the patient’s hand, and prayed for her as she had asked. I stood there and joined them in prayer. In my opinion, what Dr. Webb did was something I would consider going above and beyond for the patients at WTH.”

“I am nominating Dr. Webb for his consistent commitment to outstanding patient care. I have had the opportunity to observe Dr. Webb as he addresses patients and family members in very tense and difficult situations. He is extremely kind and has high levels of patience in these conversations. He listens and responds honestly to questions. He never appears hurried or mentions how many other patients he has. He makes the patient and family feel that they are his only priority. In addition to treating the patients, he also has time for the nurses. He answers their questions and addresses concerns with kindness and a timely manner. He takes time to explain the plan of care. He is supportive of the nursing staff and is never critical of them. I have also witnessed Dr. Webb respond to code calls, even when it’s not his patient. He has taken the time from his busy day to speak to family members (again, not his patient) when we were unsuccessful in the resuscitative measures and provide comfort to them in their darkest hour. These are just a few of the many behaviors that inspire our staff daily to go above and beyond the call of duty. I believe Dr. Webb to be a ‘lead by example’ quiet hero of our organization.”