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Ayers Children’s Medical Center

When your child needs medical attention, you logically want care that’s designed with the child in mind. That’s why Ayers Children’s Medical Center offers comprehensive, compassionate pediatric care specially tailored for children.

Pediatric Services for even the Smallest of Patients

No parent ever wants to imagine their child will be sick, but when medical care is required, pediatric specialists at Ayers Children’s Medical Center are here. With specialty training in pediatrics, our medical experts bring high-quality care to our youngest patients until the age of 17 through our inpatient services, therapy services and more.


Making a Hospital Stay Comfortable

In addition to board-certified pediatricians and pediatric hospitalists, Ayers Children’s Medical Center has certified Child Life Specialists on staff. These specialists work with patients and their families to make their hospital stay more comfortable, explaining procedures and teaching them what to expect.

West Tennessee’s Destination for Pediatric Services

If your child needs medical attention, turn to Ayers Children’s Medical Center for compassionate, high-quality pediatric services. From inpatient services to a specialized program to support new families at home, Ayers Children’s Medical Center offers a full range of pediatric services in West Tennessee:

  • Accredited by The Joint Commission
  • Committed to patient safety and quality measures with a 99 percent patient satisfaction rating
  • Healthy Start and Healthier Beginnings programs to support children’s growth and development at home
  • Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with board-certified neonatologists and specially trained staff
  • Therapy and Learning Center, as well as classes and education

Vaccines can help keep your child healthy!

Don’t delay getting recommended vaccines.
Talk to your child’s healthcare provider.

99% Patient Satisfaction Rating

West Tennessee Healthcare is committed to patient safety and quality measures.



Meet Our Mascot

Pediatric specialists at Ayers Children’s Medical Center are here to support your child’s medical needs. Our mascot, Little General, provides comfort too!


Ayers Children's Locations

Find pediatric services close to home at one of our locations.

Children's Services

Whether a hospital stay or services from one of our child development centers, your child will be cared for by our experts in pediatric medicine.

Pet Therapy

Maggie and Friends provide a special warmth to patients needing an extra paw to hold.

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